• Newcast Services
    Newcast Services

    The solution it's us.

  • Newcast Services
    Newcast Services

    The solution it's us.

  • Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid Prototyping

    Your ideas, realized, in a flash.

  • Problem solving with passion and knowledge.
    Problem solving with passion and knowledge.

    Research and developement, new materials, fresh solutions and smart applications.

  • Problem solving with passion and knowledge.
    Problem solving with passion and knowledge.

    Research and development, new materials, fresh solutions and smart applications.

Rapid prototyping is a multipurpose, universal technology. versatile tool devoted to make ideas and dreams come true.

Additive manufacturing holds the capacity to innovate while renewing itself and to replace traditional technologies, which become less effective, adaptable, more expensive and sometime unusefull, in comparison.

Passion drives us and we are pioneers of experimentation. We never stop learning, and we research and supply advanced solutions.

Our mission is to give fast, effective answers; provide innovative, ultimate and high-standard solutions to solve issues of r&d and style departments, in any high-tech industrial sector.

Because of our deep knowledge of additive manufacturing we supply our customers with the best turnkey solutions for their projects

The faithful realization of an idea, the achievement of a production goal are delicate and complex processes, which often have to be completed with well-defined resources and sometimes in a very short amount of time.

That's why we have developed a sleek and flexible work method, in which continuous exchange of information with the customer guarantees full satisfaction: because we all play in the same team.

Here are the 5 phases that precede the realization of a project:

Discovery > Strategy

Data collection | Requirements analysis, definition of vision and trends

Strategy and targets set up

Creativity > Engineering

Brainstorming and creative development of the concept

Feasibility and effectiveness evaluation

Definition of the strategy and scheduling of the activities

Development > Technology and know-how

Consulting for materials

Consulting for processes

(Co)Development and/or (Co)Design


Dimensional/quality check and revision

Reverse engineering 

Rapid prototyping, Additive manufacturing

Testing > Finishing


Surface finishing and/or coatings

Dimensional and quality check

Production > Industrialization and delivery

Management of suppliers and outsourcing resources



Rapid Inside

Rapid Inside NCS is the dynamic spirit of the NCS team.

The primary objective of Rapid Inside NCS is to use all the experience gained on the racetrack to give a boost to innovation in the world of motorsport. The products created on specific customer drawings, are manufactured using Rapid Prototyping materials with the best performances, such as Titanium and Carbon.


EICMA 75┬░Edizione

Milano Rho
07 Nov 17 - 12 Nov 17

Agritechnica 2017

12 Nov 17 - 17 Nov 17


Metarials and R&D specialists

Medical Devices Factory
Biomedical and orthopaedic design

Rapid Inside
Motorsport, racing e automotive