cooperation values humanityWe believe in the value of humanity and in the power of ideas.

We believe that every action done with caring attitude towards human beings can be a step closer to a better tomorrow.

We believe our customers are happier when they realize there is a family and not an industry that works with them.

That is why we have adopted a corporate policy that reflect our values, to improve the lives of employees and their families, as well as young people and businesses in our area.

We care about the serenity of all employees and we trust them, so we prefer to offer permanent contracts because we believe that continuity in work is an asset for both company and employees.

  • We support our employees with newborn babies, by welfare politics for their families
  • We offer an effective help to working mothers to manage their kids during school holidays and in special conditions. They can bring kids to work and we provide some dedicated spaces for homework execution or relaxing activities that kids can do close to their mums' office. We know that a serene mother is a happier person, as well as the kids are
  • We offer the possibility to have lunch with other employees every day
  • We organize sport and extra-work activities 
  • We set up a gymn inside the company with profesional machines, so every employee can train for free anytime they want to.

We want to spread our vision and share our enthusiasm toward life and good work between the persons belonging to our territory, so we are setting up some activities for 2018:

  • Training courses open to non-employees
  • Self emprovement and motivational courses, job orienteering for unsemployed and students, in cooperation with the "Centro per l'Occupazione" of Carpi.
  • Language courses
  • Management training courses
  • Educational trainings
  • We support schools and universities for cultural and educational projects
  • We offer internships for high school students
  • We support university students with training placements
  • We support and offer technical advice for experimental theses and innovative projects

It's not just an hashtag, it is our way to give trust, energy and visibility to excellences in handcraft, manufacturing and the small and medium industries, which are the backbone of italian economy. This is why our supplier are Italian.

  • We care about the use of personal protective devices.
  • We adapt the facilities, equipment and spaces to new production needs.
  • We constantly train and monitor our employees on the importance of their health.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle.


Metarials and R&D specialists

Medical Devices Factory
Biomedical and orthopaedic design

Rapid Inside
Motorsport, racing e automotive