Newcast Services Srl was founded in 2003 and since then has been a pioneer in the field of additive technologies, in which today is the most effective and versatile reality in the national panorama.

The multitude of application fields in which Newcast Services is effective with its solutions is almost unlimited and this is possible thanks to certified raw materials, created and produced in our laboratories, merged with unpublished manufacturing technologies more a continuous development carried on by a strong team of experts and handcrafters with a wide and deep know-how.

Prototype takes a new identity: not just embryonic element but real product, provided with physical and mechanical characteristics as to ensure its actual use, and available in a short time.

Fast industrialization. Constant and effective assistance.

Each material finds its application.

Your particular in 48 hours*.

Performing materials for higher realism in applications.

The SLS powders we produce have been studied in order to improve at the maximum level their peculiar characteristics

Guarantee of a good superficial finish without necessity of further mechanical workmanships.

3 and 5 axis CNC machining centres

Workmanship, casts for carbon lamination.

Welding service for Titanium and other reactive metals.

Aesthetic and functional prototypes: strong, light, beautiful.

Simulations by FEA,FEM and CFD analysis.

Quality control and certification by reverse engineering.

The laser scanning of an object both alive or unanimated is used tp produce a 3D mathematical image of it. This allows to operate changes and optimizations derived subsequently by engineered studies of prototype.

Pre-series manufacturing.


Metarials and R&D specialists

Medical Devices Factory
Biomedical and orthopaedic design

Rapid Inside
Motorsport, racing e automotive