Newcast Services Srl was founded in December 2003 on the basis of decades of experience of Marcello Fantuzzi and Matteo Mantovani in the field of rapid prototyping and engineering of materials.

Rapid Inside NCS was founded in 2004 as a direct result of these applications in the world of motor racing. With this brand the NCS team has won several world championships in the maximum automobile and motorcycle categories.

NCS Lab since 2008 responds to the growing demand of customers in the characterization of materials and the R&D sector, until the upgrade to the biomedical world in 2011, with the first patents filed.

The enthusiasm and passion of the two founders are daily transmitted to the staff of specialists who work supported by full instrumentation and top class software and provide a unique service, whose strengths are speed, professionalism and quality.

Newcast Services

Realization of one-off and projects with turn key formula.
Rapid Prototyping design and engineering.
Reverse engineering.
Surface treatments.
RP composite powders production.

NCS Rapid Inside

Realization of both auto and moto racing customized components.
Box furnishing and tools.
Aesthetical and functional customizations for racing vehicles.
Design, production and selling of racing motorbikes for Moto1, Moto2, SBK and SS cathegory.


R&D and production of biomedical devices.
Metals skills: metallurgy, usage and treatments.
Technological processes knowledges: CNC works, MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), welding and fusions.
Structural planning and analysis with FEM (Finite Element Metod) and CFD
Mechanical tests, statics and dynamics.

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Metarials and R&D specialists

Medical Devices Factory
Biomedical and orthopaedic design

Rapid Inside
Motorsport, racing e automotive